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I believe that life begins at conception and every life is a gift from God.  I hold a strong pro-life view. Click below to read more on my position.  (Read More)

Pro-Gun Ownership

The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution guarantees every citizen in the United States the right to own a firearm.  Click below to learn more about my position. 

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Voter ID

I support Secretary of State Michael Adams' proposal to require a photo ID in order to vote in Kentucky.  I would vote in favor of this legislation. In every aspect of society, we must present a photo ID to receive services, sign up for accounts, board an airplane, etc.  To ensure integrity in our elections, we must mandate voter ID at the polls.  This does not alienate voters or make it difficult to vote.  My opponent in the general election is opposed to requiring photo identification to vote.  


I am a staunch conservative when it comes to taxation and believe that taxes should remain as low as possible.  Click below to learn more about my position. 

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Economic Development

For too long, the 39th District has not seen the economic development that is possible.  With development comes tax revenue and the ability to provide the infrastructure needed to attract business and development. 

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I support President Trump and the border wall initiative.  This protects Kentuckians from illegal drugs and criminals.  Click below to learn more about my position. 

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History and the Removal of Statues and Monuments

The United States is under attack from those on the far liberal left that want to revise or erase our nation's history.  Click below to read more about my position.  (Read More)

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