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History and the Removal of Statues and Monuments

The United States is under attack from those on the far liberal left that want to revise or erase our nation's history.  In recent days and weeks, we've seen angry mobs and looters tear down statues, spray paint memorials and desecrate monuments.  In an effort to erase and change our nation's history, they have torn down statues of heroes like Abraham Lincoln, who signed the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing slaves.  There seems to be no history and no monument that these anti-American demonstrators won't touch.  They want our history to fit their own liberal narrative.  We have even seen this in Kentucky, when Governor Beshear accepted a no-bid contract for $225,000 to remove the Jefferson Davis statue in our State Capitol.  Governor Beshear and his liberal elite supporters have sought to revise Kentucky history.  In fact, my opponent in the General Election led the charge to remove the Davis statue.  Instead of letting a Governor decide what happens to a monument in the Capitol, the General Assembly should have had a voice in whether the Davis statue was removed. Give every Kentuckian a voice in what is placed in OUR Capitol.  

I strongly disagree with those that want to erase or revise history.  I believe that history should be allowed to speak for itself and we need to learn the lessons from our history, both good and bad.  Removing monuments does not change the past, it only attempts to conceal and ignore it.  The people should decide the fate of these historical monuments, not appointed bureaucrats with self serving agendas.  

Moving forward, we must stand against the arbitrary removal of statues or monuments just because we don't like or because we disagree with the person whom the statue represents.  

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