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Coronavirus Response from the campaign

People in the 39th District and across our state and nation are experiencing disruption in our normal way of life because of this virus.  For many, it's caused job loss or the necessity to stay at home.  As you're probably aware, it's even caused the date of the Primary Election to be moved to June 23, 2020.  Everyone wants to see this pandemic come to an end as soon as possible.  As a campaign, we are taking steps to be mindful of the people in our community that are most affected by this virus.  Here are a few steps that we are taking for our community:

1.  We are praying that God brings an end to this virus and slows the progression in our nation and around the world.  We are praying for our leaders, including President Donald Trump and Governor Beshear to make wise decisions on how to best protect our community.  

2.  If you are in need of any supplies, including basics like toilet paper or medicine, please let our campaign know.  We will do everything we can to get you what you need.  We have contacts and resources that can provide items even beyond these.  Bottom line is that if you need help, just ask.  We're here to serve.  

3.  This virus has not only changed our lives for the short term, but has also caused us to change how we campaign.  In the days to come, we will determine the best ways to get our message to the voters.  If you find a piece of literature on your front door, just know that we desperately want to talk to voters face to face, but may find it necessary to just leave information for you.  Please feel free to reach out to the campaign anytime.

We look forward to meeting you in the days and weeks ahead.  

Campaign to Elect Matt Lockett
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