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One of my best friends is a legal immigrant from Malaysia.  He came to the United States on a work visa and decided to stay.  He is currently going through the process to become a citizen.  He is a hard-working, tax-paying contributor to our community.  I couldn't be more proud of him and the work he has accomplished. 
So many that come to our country and state don't follow this process.  We should not allow those that try to circumvent our laws to be rewarded with a special status or to receive public funds. 
If any person wants to go through the legal process to become a citizen, then we should welcome them with open arms. 
As your State Representative, I will propose a bill that would outlaw sanctuary cities in Kentucky.  I will always support law-abiding citizens and those that come to our country and state legally.  Let's not cheat them and their families by providing a protected status to those that didn't follow the law. 

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