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As your State Representative, I will not vote for tax increases or any value-added taxes. 
Recently, we've seen an increase in taxes on seemingly every day items, including insurance premiums and utilities.  While these are local taxes, the General Assembly also raised taxes last session.  I would have voted against these tax increases.  As I do with my personal budget, if I'm falling short, I see where I can cut my expenses.  State government should be no different.  Because the state can't print money like the federal government can, Kentucky must have a balanced budget.  Raising taxes on hard-working Kentuckians is not the answer. 
When elected, I will introduce a bill that eliminates the taxing authorities of non-elected boards and positions.  A good example of this is a library board.  These positions are not elected throughout the state, but they have taxing authority and can raise taxes with no accountability.  This practice must end. 

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